Hello and welcome to my portfolio website.

My name is Süleyman Dereköy and I’m from Turkey. I am a photographer, trainer and Adobe Certified Expert on Photoshop CC.

I love photography, I love all the beauties around us, especially the mountains.

I tried several things before I discovered photography and non of them made me content and gave the satisfaction and joy that I have when photographing. I’m so happy to finally find it.

It was in summer 2013 when I decided to learn Photoshop to accomplish simple tasks like cropping, changing resolution, making black and white etc. I had no interest in photography before then, none. I started watching Youtube videos and not after a long while I realized how amazing and deep and beautiful it was.

In the winter of 2013 I bought my first camera and lenses and started photography knowing most of the theoretical aspects which I learned day and night in the meantime.

Discovering photography was one of the best things happened to me and completely changed my life.

Here is my understanding of the art of photography: Art is essentially mimic or imitation of nature since ancient Greeks or maybe even way before them. Because, the perfection of art which never seize to amaze our minds from micro to macro, all over the universe, points out the true Artist. With our limited and flawed art, we are merely mirroring His ultimate artistry. Hence, being both the closest and farthest mimic of reality at the same time, photography is an art form that mirrors the art in cosmos and is just the faint reflections of His true art.

Besides taking photos I’m so interested in photography education as well and preparing myself to give back what I’ve learned in the previous years. But that’s another topic and here we are now and I’m so excited to present my portfolio website first, the reflections that hit my digital mirror.

I’m so happy that you are here and hope you enjoy my work.

See you around!