About reflections.digital

Hello. My name is Süleyman Dereköy. I’m a photographer and my dedicated website for photography is Photophily where you will find articles, tutorials, videos, courses on photography.

I wanted to separate photography from all the other things I’m going to share.

Speaking of all the other things… it’s what reflections.digital is about. A brain dump of things; technology, tools, travel, life, stuff, even perhaps a journal.

I know this is against niching down to specific topics. However, I can’t afford stretching too thin any more than I am right now.

There will be articles, tutorials and videos as well on various subjects such as internet, WordPress, blogging, SEO, software, hardware, travel…

I’m a photographer but I build websites for clients too. Therefore, you’ll see the presentation of such websites and related agency work.

I don’t know where all of these will lead me. Right now I ‘m just moving forward with Photophily and Reflections.

I’m glad you are here. Welcome!

Süleyman Dereköy

October 9th, 2019

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