by Süleyman Dereköy

Learn the technology

for your digital business

The Intro

The what

What you'll learn

Affordable, easy to build, use and maintain, self-hosted online business tech.

No need to spend thousands of dollars to get your online business working.

The why

Build your tech stack

Ultimately, it all comes down to control.
Would you build your house on someone else’s garden?
Companies, for whatever reason, go out of business all the time. They:
– Go down
– Pivot
– Kick you out
– Get purchased and trashed by tech giants
– For whatever reason, no longer serve
Imagine the pain of moving your contents to another place.

The how

Courses sharing how

The whom

Who is it for?

Who can benefit from learning the tech?
– Small digital businesses
– Coaches
– Consultants
– Creators
– Course creators
– Entrepreneurs
– Solopreneurs
Basically, anyone who wants to run an online business.

The call

Come and join





Learn the technology

for your digital business

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