Man and Reflections

Visual Age

It is a visual age we live in. Digital revolution altered our lives in many ways that we could have never imagined before. We now communicate more visually than ever. And visuals are not just some auxilary elements that support our communication but became a major part of the message itself that effects our perception.

Traffic signs, TV shows, movies, thousands of icons, smileys we see on the internet, millions of photos and videos taken and posted online daily, social media… we are surrounded by images. We even have visual identities, avatars and icons that represent ourselves online.

Digital Tales

This sudden change with the digital revolution and how it effects our lives, whether positively or negatively is a subject for the researchers. As a photographer I’m more interested in telling our digital, visual tales.

20 years ago, there were a great deal of people who didn’t even touch a camera to take a photograph. Today there are billions of devices ranging from professional to consumer cameras to smart phones. Even little kids are taking photos and in a way it’s a child’s play.

In short, these tools, devices are now at the center of our lives. We are all using them and they’re not going to disappear anytime soon. So how to better use these digital tools to tell our tales?..

This section of my blog is going to be mainly on telling better digital tales... exploring how to take better photos, how to process them, what makes a good composition, the principles and so on.

There is a huge amount of educational material out there and many many talented people doing the same thing. I hope I can manage to make a difference...

Time has changed very fast and it’s getting even faster. I believe that we need to tell our tales properly with the means of our time.

Join me exploring on that!..


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