Suleymaniye in Blue Hour

There are several stages in constructing a good photograph: Imagining, planning, executing the shot, failing, trying again, getting the shots, leaving the files to cool down for some time, thinking about the editing, processing the RAW files, check the edit later with fresh mind, publish… Not all of these stages necessarily apply to every single photo but some are essential.

First, you have to have a decent RAW file with good composition, lighting etc and process it properly to build a good photo. Then, proper editing is a must. Here I have to mention that post-processing is as important as getting the shots if not more.

I’m going to publish stories of my photos; how I shot and processed them with before and after versions starting with this photo of Suleymaniye Mosque which is a masterpiece by great architect Sinan.

It’s been four years since I’ve taken this image. I still remember waiting for the blue hour in the cold, waiting for the passing of the boats to get different underline effects. It’s one of my early photos and I still very much like it.

But… Before getting this shot, in other words getting it right, I tried twice and failed. Checking my archive, I see that I had taken a series of same shot on November 30th 2013 and December 04th 2013 and failed.

And finally on December 27th I had gotten it right and managed to extract a portfolio image out of it. Persistence and learning from mistakes is the key…

Here is the exif info for the curious: Nikon D7100 @40mm | ISO: 100 | f/22 | 30 s. Processed with Lightroom + Photoshop.

I’m thinking of making a tutorial on how I processed this photo in the future.

You can check the before and after versions at the top to see the scale of the work to clean up and finalize the image in order to do justice to an image of such masterpiece; Suleymaniye. As you can see, even everything is done right in the camera, it’s almost worthless without proper post-processing.

I’m planning to publish a lot of photo stories and tutorials and photography related content in 2018. See you then…

Click the link for the larger gallery image:

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